You probably don’t need us to tell you that you need a website for your business. In fact, you may already have a website but think it is time to update it for a new improved model.

10 reasons why websites are important:

1.  They are available 24 / 7. You might be asleep or on holiday, but your website is there selling your products and services to anybody interested enough to visit.

2. Reaches a wider audience than a paper advert. Pretty much anybody in the world could visit your website and certainly enough people to keep you nice and busy. How much would it cost to advertise to potentially reach that audience?

3. Can be updated as required. Add special events or new products or services as soon as they happen. Your website can be changed as often as you want to – or as often as you tell us to. Try doing that with a printed brochure or leaflet!

4. Can give more information than a newspaper advert. How many pages can a website have? In theory, there is no limit. You can go into as much detail as you wish to about what you do – although your prospects might not thank you for a website THAT large!

5. A cost effective form of advertising. A good website should pay for itself many times over in the sales it generates or the enquiries that it converts.

6. More and more people are using the web to find a service or product. For any significant purpose from choosing a new car to booking a meal out, people search online for an estimated 80% of original purchases.

7. If you’re not on the web, potential customers won’t find you but they will find somebody else. Just because your business doesn’t get the call or the email your potential customer is still going to go ahead and buy. They are just going to buy from a competitor rather than from you.

8. Your domain name ( can be used as part of your email address. This reminds your customers of your business name every time you contact them or they contact you. It creates a professional image, reinforces your brand and helps to build trust in their mind.

9. Add images to your site as testimony to your business. Are you doing a good job? Show people what you have done, your satisfied customers, and the end result of what you have produced.

10. Receive feedback from clients, and statistics from the server on the people that visit your domain. You can quickly see what people find useful on your website and then go about doing more of what works and less of what doesn’t.