Website Hosting & Maintenance

HostingOnce your website is built and you are happy with it, we will then arrange the website hosting. The host is a remote computer that is never switched off. The files containing your website are uploaded onto it using an FTP (File Transfer Protocol) programme. This then enables website visitors to view your website on the World Wide Web. The cost of the server depends

The cost of the server depends on what your requirements are and we can discuss options with you during the design and build process of your website.

We use our own dedicated server based in Northampton that keeps regular backups of your website information. We offer a number of different options for ongoing support once your site has been built.

Website Maintenance

Keeping your website updated is important to keep prospects engaged; visitors will soon turn away if it isn’t. Adding new pictures and updating text will keep clients coming back to your website on a regular basis to see what’s new. The cost of updating is a fraction of the cost of building, most of the cost incurred is in the designing and setting up of the page layouts. So it is a small price to pay to keep clients coming back and using you again.

We can discuss with you the options available for the maintenance and updating of your website. Also, if you have built your own website and want a professional eye cast over it, no problem, just send an email with your website address on it and we will contact you and make recommendations to enhance and improve your existing website.