Website Design

Whatever your budget, our website design service suits you and your requirements. To achieve this, we will talk to you and discuss your ideas and then create a website template that you will be able to see on the internet in test form. After further discussions and alterations, we will complete the site. As the customer, you have the final say on the layout and colour scheme of the website:


Things to consider when planning your website design:

Colour scheme.

Choosing the right colours for your website is an important part of the design process.

Contrast is hugely important, not only for your overall aesthetic, but for accessibility reasons too. Strong contrast is required to ensure legibility, so make sure the background is substantially different from the text colour.

Bad buttonHowever, choosing colours with too much contrast can become a strain on the eyes, as you can see from the example to the left.

Good buttonChoosing the right colour combinations will make your website easier on the eye, and when used effectively, will bring attention to the most important areas, and influence how visitors use your site.

Layout of the page.

Where do you want the company logo? Where do you want the navigation buttons? How do you want the navigation to appear? Where do you want any images? What character style do you want? Look at other websites to get some ideas and then once you have made your mind up they can be implemented on your website.

How many pages.

Decide on how you want to break down your site into pages:- HOME, SERVICES, CONTACT, INFORMATION, GALLERY, etc.

Try to break down the site into managable chunks so as to keep your client interested.

Navigation around the site.

Make your navigation buttons clear and concise. Most sites have been built with the navigation across the top or down the left hand side of the website. This has become the acceptable practice. So if you dont want to confuse your clients stick to this rule.

Text to put on the site.

When writing the text for your website try and make it clear and to the point. If you waffle on and on people will get bored and move on to another site. Again choose a colour to fit in with the colour scheme of your website. Avoid text that flashes on and on as this will distract the readers eye from the rest of the page.

Images to include.

The images on your website need to be optimised so that they open quickly in the browser. Depending on locations a representitive of MT Webs will take some photographs when they visit you to discuss the website. MT Webs will optimise every picture used on your website using the right software application depending on the type of image or picture used.

Ways for customers to contact you.

Give your customers as many different ways to contact you as possible. Include on your website Emails, (these can be created to incorporate your domain name) Postal addresses, Telephone and Fax numbers. An enquiry form can also be included on the website. The more options you give your customers, the more chance you have of them contacting you.

How long will it take to complete?

It is possible to have your website up and running in a couple of weeks. The main reason for delay MT Webs have found, is waiting for the client to decide on the text they want on the pages of the website.