All websites are created differently, and this is true for commercial and non-commercial sites. Some sites help generate business. However, others are not even capable of attracting traffic, let alone actual ‘conversions’. For a website to generate business it is important to not only create great content but to make sure that your content creates leads and outright sales as well (in the case of online stores) or retain brand equity (in the case of marketing websites). Social media will help improve your website awareness.

Here are some tips to help you generate more potential customers:

Why put your site on Social media?

When it comes to digital marketing, social media undoubtedly wins. This is because most people have access to the internet. Which means, they have access to social media sites, even without an account. This is why incorporating social media in your digital marketing campaign can help improve your exposure in many creative ways:

What can you do with Facebook?

Now, it is possible for you to set up a page linking to your site on Facebook. Provided that your pages are interesting, fresh and entertaining, they will attract many followers. They would then have your promotions and offerings regularly posted on their own news feed. If they are impressed, they might even share it on their own profiles, which can start a ‘viral’ chain reaction that would lead to more and more people visiting and joining your page. Also, Facebook allows you to be a business instead of a person, so you can keep tabs on your profiles stats and recordings.

How can Twitter help?

Twitter is a micro blogging social media site that is becoming increasingly more popular as more and more people understand its true potential. Simply following the industry leaders of your field would link you with the followers of the same products. Then it’s a simple matter of hyperlinking your tweets so that they may jump to your twitter account. Since these people are essentially interested in the product and follow you because of that same interest, the probability of conversions tends to grow high. Including relevant hash-tags (#) will help your tweet trend around twitter too.

Having good headlines

Headlines are just as important, because this is the first thing that the majority of people will read. So, make sure it’s the right length and draws your target audience in the right way. Headlines are the ultimate bait that brings your audience rushing to your site. Even if the product or service you are offering is largely in demand, if the headline fails to capture the readers mine, they would simply not bother to click on your site. However, headlines are not easy to make. It may take you time, but it will be worth your time.

Adding pictures and videos

Adding both pictures of products as well as short promotional videos gives your potential customers a chance to get to know what they really want. With social media, usually people don’t like to waste a lot of time. Therefore, if you create a video or photo with too much content, it may push the customer away, because they don’t want to spend too much time.